Dec 22, 2008

Windows XP survival suite and fixes kit

Like an experienced mechanic that carries his vital tools all around with himself, an IT professional will also take a kit of software and fixes for disastrous moments in his carrier life,for the time viruses destroy critical computer data by denying their access to their systems.

That said, over time, I have collected a series of fixes for common problems caused by malicious software and viruses to Windows Operating system. The kit that I have has fixes to the following errors in Windows XP/2000/2003 server:

1- Folder Options Disabled/Hidden:

This is a very famous bug caused by many Trojans and viruses to restrict user access to them. They do this to hide themselves from their victims.

2- Context menu on start disabled:

This means when you right click on the task bar, nothing happens. You can't launch Task Manager to see the harmful processes and shut them down.

3- Registry editing tools disabled:

They do this to avoid your access to the Windows registry when you typed "regedit" in Run.

4- Undeletable Viruses:

Chances are you have found the malicious file but can't delete, move, ... rename it, because it is locked.

5- Desktop context menu disabled:

This is a very disturbing bug caused by most viruses to avoid your access to advanced options.

6- Log off disabled on Start Menu in Win 98-95

7- You cannot run/execute any .exe file in Windows XP:

By far, this is a horrible case which leads many technicians to format and reinstall their Windows OS and waste hours of their previous time. No need to reinstall you system; the fix to this is very simple, which is also included in the kit.

Now, you can download the Kit from here for free: (Which will be updated over time...)

For IT professional and those in charge of numerous systems:

You should own a suit of powerful utilities provided by SysInternals, that will help you dive into the depths of Windows OS and fight malicious software from there. This suit includes:

- AccessEnum
-PsTools ( a collection of other useful tools)

Download these useful utilities (4 MB):

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