Dec 27, 2008

THE COMMITTEE OF 300 that rule our world!

This post is not about software, it is a shocking fact and it is true!

Can you believe that our world is controlled by a group of 300 people called "THE COMMITTEE OF 300" ? Can you believe that "The Matrix" is true? Call it a lie, fake, or ignore it for your entire life time, but you will one day realize why and how world's biggest evens ( like World War 1 , 2 and the upcoming 3, 9-11 attacks, Iraq War, Credit Crunch and the Big world wide economic rrecession) ever happened and how they were of interest to those 300 Committee members that rule our planet and own almost %95 of the entire world's wealth. 

"...A former intelligence agent of British MI6, rips the lid off the conspiratorial group which knows NO national boundaries, is ABOVE the law of ALL countries and controls every aspect of politics, commerce, religion, industry, banking, insurance, mining, and even the drug trade. Learn how this small elite group who are answerable to NO ONE, except its members, have pulled the strings on ALL major world events and why, until now, few people have even been aware of its existence, let alone power, in manipulating the affairs of the entire WORLD. All of these members are revealed, including all of the corporations, government agencies and various movements which "they" have developed and control to further their own aims for WORLD DOMINATION...'"

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