Dec 27, 2008

THE COMMITTEE OF 300 that rule our world!

This post is not about software, it is a shocking fact and it is true!

Can you believe that our world is controlled by a group of 300 people called "THE COMMITTEE OF 300" ? Can you believe that "The Matrix" is true? Call it a lie, fake, or ignore it for your entire life time, but you will one day realize why and how world's biggest evens ( like World War 1 , 2 and the upcoming 3, 9-11 attacks, Iraq War, Credit Crunch and the Big world wide economic rrecession) ever happened and how they were of interest to those 300 Committee members that rule our planet and own almost %95 of the entire world's wealth. 

"...A former intelligence agent of British MI6, rips the lid off the conspiratorial group which knows NO national boundaries, is ABOVE the law of ALL countries and controls every aspect of politics, commerce, religion, industry, banking, insurance, mining, and even the drug trade. Learn how this small elite group who are answerable to NO ONE, except its members, have pulled the strings on ALL major world events and why, until now, few people have even been aware of its existence, let alone power, in manipulating the affairs of the entire WORLD. All of these members are revealed, including all of the corporations, government agencies and various movements which "they" have developed and control to further their own aims for WORLD DOMINATION...'"

Dec 25, 2008

NOD32 4.0 free download

Now the fourth generation of Nod32 has come and ESET has so far proved that they offer the best solution for the war against malicious software. NOD32 is the only anti virus to offer full protection and compactness at the same time.

No need to talk more about it any more, all NOD32 users know how it performs against its rivals.

below you can download the current beta versions of version 4 of NOD32:

Dec 24, 2008

Detect Invisible Yahoo IDs - A Final Solution

It is so bad to get down by trying hundreds of websites that claim to detect invisible Yahoo Ids that do nothing other than showing you fake random results or Ads to earn more and more money.

For those of you interested, I have some address which usually return authentic results. If you try multiple checks for a single ID, you will even get a more accurate result, cause these websites actually do something real there in behind, not just hosting ads for you!

,, ,

Dec 22, 2008

Windows XP survival suite and fixes kit

Like an experienced mechanic that carries his vital tools all around with himself, an IT professional will also take a kit of software and fixes for disastrous moments in his carrier life,for the time viruses destroy critical computer data by denying their access to their systems.

That said, over time, I have collected a series of fixes for common problems caused by malicious software and viruses to Windows Operating system. The kit that I have has fixes to the following errors in Windows XP/2000/2003 server:

1- Folder Options Disabled/Hidden:

This is a very famous bug caused by many Trojans and viruses to restrict user access to them. They do this to hide themselves from their victims.

2- Context menu on start disabled:

This means when you right click on the task bar, nothing happens. You can't launch Task Manager to see the harmful processes and shut them down.

3- Registry editing tools disabled:

They do this to avoid your access to the Windows registry when you typed "regedit" in Run.

4- Undeletable Viruses:

Chances are you have found the malicious file but can't delete, move, ... rename it, because it is locked.

5- Desktop context menu disabled:

This is a very disturbing bug caused by most viruses to avoid your access to advanced options.

6- Log off disabled on Start Menu in Win 98-95

7- You cannot run/execute any .exe file in Windows XP:

By far, this is a horrible case which leads many technicians to format and reinstall their Windows OS and waste hours of their previous time. No need to reinstall you system; the fix to this is very simple, which is also included in the kit.

Now, you can download the Kit from here for free: (Which will be updated over time...)

For IT professional and those in charge of numerous systems:

You should own a suit of powerful utilities provided by SysInternals, that will help you dive into the depths of Windows OS and fight malicious software from there. This suit includes:

- AccessEnum
-PsTools ( a collection of other useful tools)

Download these useful utilities (4 MB):

Screenshot saver and capturer - Free for Gamers

For those of you that play games a lot and like to save your high quality wonderful screenshots all the way throughout your gaming, I have provided a simple lightweight utility that will save your screenshots with the least effort to your selected folder.

I wrote this application when I was playing GTA Vice City and felt disturbed by minimizing my game and pasting the screenshot manually in Paint multiple times ....

Just start this small application, select your destination folder to save your pictures and play your game. Just press "print screen" and there you go!

(Requires .Net framework 2.0)