Sep 4, 2008

Google Chrome Download and Themes

Google Chrome is a brand new web browser, and among other rivals out there it has gathered loads of attention due to Google's popularity. That being said, the rush of users to its download URL made it unavailable for some people.

You can download a copy from here:

Google chrome start up time is much much faster than Firefox, and it has an elegant Google-type user interface (everything is smooth like that of Picasa .) It opens each tab in a separate process (good point - more stability) and has an address bar that mimics the Awesomebar of Firefox 3.0 .

All in all, I guess this is a perfect start for Google in the browsers world (though not knowing how long Chrome had been under coding), and it shows Google's power in mixing ideas with technologies for changing the way people use the web.

You can also download Google Chrome Themes from:

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