Aug 15, 2008

Update NOD32 Offline

After visiting many torrent websites for finding updates for my NOD32 2.7, I found nothing another than failed tries and malwares/viruses packed as NOD32, and loads of time wasted. Good thing I always test these suspicious downloads on a Virtual Machine, and everything returns to the first clean day by a simple hard disk file replacement.

That said, from July 27, 2008 I noticed my NOD 2.7 does no longer update.

I thought NOD32 servers were unavailable. They always said: "Your antivirus is up-to-date. No update necessary."
I know this message. It is a polite way of saying: "You can no longer update your antivirus.... Go and pay for your new subscription...."

This time I searched Google for all the things I knew.... from to the pirated version of NOD 3.x on torrent websites. None of them worked.

After a while I found this fantastic blog:

It guides you to burn NOD32 update files onto a CD/DVD and then manually update your anti-virus; Just download the latest update files from , use a program like "ISO Commander"" or "Ultra ISO" to create an image file. Then load that ISO image with Daemon tools. Now you are ready to update your NOD32:
In NOD32, Go to Update &; Setup and set the update location as your loaded drive...

My NOD32 is updated again, and I am happy that my computer is safe. This will also help me in the office to simply use a CD/DVD and update all offline nod32s on all machines without Internet connections.
Many thanks to "
Aalaap Ghag" for his tips...

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Anonymous said...

what a cool solution.this will really help me in my office n home...