Aug 12, 2008

Torrent Speed Up Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling with a slow torrent client? Then read this:

I recently decided to install uTorrent on my computer, which is connected to the Internet through a wireless router. The first thing that bothered me about uTorrent and also Bit Torrent was their X-tremly low download speed. With a 512 Kb/s connection, I could only reach 40-80 Kb/s downloads, and it would take me ages to see a torrent starting its download.
I went through many torrent speed up guides on multiple web sites. They were all about turning things off in uTorrent, such as "DHT network" or "local peer discovery". These guides were more baffling than useful. They usually led me into spending hours playing around with uTorrent and not getting any useful results.

And the solution:
That was when I noticed the yeloow warning sign at the bottom of my torrent client, which said I had a problem with my network configuration.
I referred to to test port forwarding on port 55550 of my XP machine . Unfortunately , port forwarding was disabled for me. How could I turn it on?

Then this useful website came into play to help me:
My wireless router is a D-Link DSL-2540T . I then tried to map my port in the router using the guides provided on and I finally passed the port forwarding test.
Tip #1:
What many users don't notice is that, for proper port forwarding, you will need a "Static IP Address". This IP address is the one given to you by your internal network router. So, configuring it is very easy from the inside of your operating system.
I went again to and that port was forwarded properly. Then I set the same port in uTorrent and restarted uTorrent . After some minutes my download speed was going as fast as 340-400 Kb/s !

Remember that "port forwarding" is the single most important step that you should take for speeding up your torrent client's download speed. Don't be fooled by disabling DHT network or Local peer discovery and things like that. Exception is, try to disable UPnP port mapping on both your router and your torrent client.
Tip #2:
Never disable network upload in uTorrent. The rule is that: You have to give in order to get. So, this is an important step.
Below you can see a graph of uTorrent's Download/Upload speed ratio. Notice how download speed increases as upload and the other way round:

Right now it takes seconds for my uTorrent to find other peers and after some minutes it reaches a highly respectable download speed.

I am really really enjoying uTorrent right now, it is almost a new world and how I missed it all these years... hope you enjoy it too! ;)

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