Jan 29, 2008

.NET Framework 3.5 Installation and setup Error

For the last couple of days I have been looking for Visual Studio 2008 throughout the market. I finally got my copy and installed it on three separate machines,two of which were running Windows XP Pro SP2 and one hosting Windows Vista ultimate.

The program was successfully installed on two machines, but I encountered a lot of problems installing Visual Studio 2008 on the third, which was running Windows XP. The setup would simply freeze during installation of dot net framework 3.5 and I couldn't even quit or cancel it. Then, I had to manually restart the computer and try again. The machine had VS 2005 with IIS 5.5 and SQL server 2005 previously installed on it. I simply looked through many MSDN forums for fixes to this, but everything i found was quite puzzling. I had installed VS 2008 successfully on the first computer which was also running VS 2005, IIS 5.5 and SQL Express 2005, but it would not work on the third machine. I have also heard that this is a widespread bug with .net framework 3.5 installation.

What I finally did was this:
1- Uninstalled IIS and all SQL 2005 instances from my computer.
2- Uninstalled .Net Framework 2 from my machine.
3- Restarted Windows

After that, I ran the .net framework 3.5 setup manually. It took a while for it to run and progress, but finally the procedure was successful on this last system.
Although i succeeded, i still don't know the real cause of this setup problem, though i guess the main thing revolves around permissions for modifying previous instances of .Net framework by the setup file. I hope my solutions work for others too, thought MS seriously needs to release a fix to this widespread problem that comes with their Visual Studio 2008 product.


SuGuS said...

thanks... this helped me

Carlos said...

i'm having the same trouble as i type this. i'm running the installation under winxp sp2 with no .net framework version ever installed or anything.

and as i type THIS, the problem solved itself. for a few minutes the installation froze but now it seems to be back on track. i agree microsoft should issue a fix for this bug, though.

thanks for posting your solution.

Anonymous said...

All programs freeze at around 30% of the 3.5 framework install, and I had to push the reset button... I tried to uninstalling 2.0 and restart - did not help - still complete freeze. The only other program open is Task manager displaying CPU usage graph, makes it easy to tell if the system is frozen or just the install.

I even tried the dotnet cleanup tool:
http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/pages/8904493.aspx - NO Luck...

Anonymous said...

Well i finally installed it - this time I did not start task manager...
It froze one time - manual restart.
Once Windows loaded, started the install, finished succesfully. 2 hours of my life waisted...

Herr Lucifer - The Fallen Angel said...

Seems like .net framework 3 always installs correctly on a clean machine with no previous Visual Studio installations.
But this is mainly an install bug. Please contact Microsoft if tips mentioned here don't work for you.

Anonymous said...

After i install the windows update .NET framework 3.5 on vista 32 my computer is freezing like after 5 minutes i turn it on

i need help .. im not so good on computer stuff and i dont know what to do.

please if someone find something that can help me please send me info to tequilapancho at hotmail

thank you again