Dec 5, 2005

Firefox and Gmail, the best combination ever...

It is almost a long time since i started using Gmail and Firefox, without knowing that PCWorld has ranked them as respectively #1 and #2 products of the year. The cute feature that both of these highly celebrated products share is their speed and ease of use. Firefox is, in my opinion, faster than opera 8.5, thus the fastest browser available today. In a simple test on the same connection line, the same BBC news web page took 1.5 second in Firefox and almost 10 seconds in IE 6.0 to be rendered into view.

Although i haven't touched IE 6.0 anymore after i downloaded Firefox into my computer, i have to confess the there are minor problems with Firefox (that can be fixed definitely in a near future) which might keep the minor citizen away from it; the major thing i struggle about sometimes is that opening numerous pages each containing flash movies into separate tabs will extremely slow down my computer. This makes the CPU to run at 100 percent and even Firefox itself is not capable of handling the case, and switching between the tabs becomes a nightmare.
Overall, I believe that Firefox has a better chance to exist than Opera and IE, and in a few years it will replace both of them.

The second product of the year is Gmail from Google. If you are a not a "Gmem" (gmail member), then i have to warn you that you are wasting your time and money playing with any other e-mail product. I can hardly say that Gmail has the most advanced client script, which is the key to its fast performance. It actually acts like a client software in your web browser. It is as fast as Outlook Express, and supports pop-up menus that will help you reduce your typing and the overall time you spend on mail browsing. Unlike Yahoo! and Hotmail, Gmail has only small text adds related to the content of your messages that will never waste your connection speed. It has an "Auto Save" feature which will automatically save your incomplete messages while you are working on them (like what MS word does with your .doc files.) And the spell checking is much more mature than any other web based e-mail product. The free space is 2.5 GBs, and is increasing everyday, so that you will never need to delete any messages. Its spam guard is very powerful, and with gmail you will hardly find spams in your inbox.
There are also other features, like its free Outlook Express support, the ability to star your message and also many other things that make Gmail
absolutely the best email product on the planet.

And if you get the chance to try Gmail in FireFox, you will be one of the luckiest people on the earth!