Oct 27, 2005

Need Gmail Invitation?

I have 80 or sth gmail invitations left and don't know how to spend them all! If you need one, just leave a comment here with your e-mail address. I will send you 1 as soon as possible.

Oct 9, 2005

First Day on the job

The experience of first days is always a mixture of pain and pleasure, esp. if it takes you 2:30 hours to get to the working place. Wow, 2 hours + 2 hours = 4 hours, each day, I spend only traveling. Just imagine, I spend 30 * 4 = 120 hours each month doing nothing...
But I gotto move this corpse on...

Copernic is still the best

For sure, I can't call it the perfect desktop search, but among all those stuff out there that I have tested for more than one month, this is still the most complete one.
Let us be honest; When we download a desktop search, we do it because we want it to find out one missing file among millions of others. However, many of those companies out there give you sth with all those bells and whistles that doesn't fulfill its actual purposem although it does other things. Consider "Google Desktop 2"; it comes in a complete suit of miscellaneous widgets, a slide bar, a search and indexing engine, and many add-ins. Among all these I have found the searching software the worst. It is very primitive and really lags behind modern desktop search software with rich GUI like copernic or Yahoo! desktop search. It also requires you to hack its registry to change its index folder. I have also found it very slow in deleting files-that were removed or delete on my computer-from its index. The only good thing is that you will always have a cashed image of your visited web pages.
And then MSN desktop. It is almost worst than GDS, and you have to sacrifice you system stability in return for a software package that scatters itself all over your OS like a malicious spyware.
And finally we get to copernic. It is still there in the system tray, for 3 months, silently working on itself, and comes into play only when I need it. It doesn't consume 50 MBs of RAM for a useless sidebar. It doesn't make any wide changes to my Operating System and never adds itself to my system's applications.
And it is still the best among all those giant rivals out there.

Oct 7, 2005

FireFox support

This Blog has "RSS" live bookmaking feedback.
If you have fireFox, you can create a tab button to get the latest headlines from this blog.