May 27, 2005

no time for blogging - but i gotto think twice...

I have been so busy in the last years that couldn't think of do some serious blogging really...But many and many people are doing it, every day, ever hour...and why not me? Since i have no memo-book or autobiography written so far, i think this can be a good way to remember what i have gone through during the course of years and how i have evolved....

Now, May 2005, i am totally drowned in the 10101010100000101 world. One day i work on C#, the other on VB.NET, then some MIL, and late at night some assembly language and hacking activities... then C++, the diffing... Wow! i wish i could stop the time and could learn all this cool stuff in a shorter time...

Just yesterday i was dreaming like:

mov eax, 00
mov ebx, 22
mul eax, ebx
pop ebx
div eax, 34
ha! i got no time for more