Feb 25, 2009

The Power of JQuery

Yesterday I was just learning some stuff about jquery and playing around with it that I came with the follwing codes. The results were amazing for a simple html web page. What I did was something I could never do easily (or at all!) in Javscript.

I am now going to explore more of this amazing API...

Jan 1, 2009

How to Make Vista Run faster - In easy steps

I Have installed and administrated Windows Vista on hundreds of machines so far and all I can say is that I wish Windows Vista had all my optimizations by default. The truth is that many users consider Vista slow because of the bloated and heavy visuals of Aero. What I have presented here is a series procedures you can take to make a Windows Vista machine run much faster than its default installation.

So read on:

1- Remove unnecessary start ups :

The more programs you install, the more time you will waste in Window start up. Unfortunately, many programs try to run while your OS is starting up, and this is a big burden for a smooth and fast start up operattion on your PC.

All you have to do is to type: "msconfig" in Start>Run and from the startup tab uncheck all those extra items that you don't consider as necessary. Among them you'd better avoid unchecking the items you see in this picture including your 3rd party anti virus .

2- Turn some visuals off:

Be true to your self, Do you like an animated slow environment with bells and whistels that swing around your head all the time or you prefer a fast simple operating Windows environment? If you want both, you better turn "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" and "fade or slide..." items off. They do nothing other than making your interaction with your system slower than ever and reduce your productivity.

3- Do a post-installation Defrag with PerfectDisk:

I bet you know how fast hard disk are today. However, even the fastest hard disk comes to a crash when it has to deal with millions of files hundreds of times a day. And the fragmentation here is the evil that can reduce you hard disk's performance and life time to a half. If you want a fast and really effective defragmentation, then you have to use PerfectDisk. Nothing beats this smart software in the way it does its job. You have to also do a boot time defragmentation to see your system performance increased.

4- Clean Temporary files and System Restores:

Removing temporary files will avoid systems errors when you install new programs. It also frees some disk space which actually makes your system defragmented much faster than before.

5- Disable indexing:

If you don't search for your lost documents frequently and have your files mostly spreaded on remote machines, or have the patience to wait a minute to find your lost documents, you can easily turn the Indexing Service off. This will be a great resource saver when you need to run heavy programs and games on Windows Vista.

6-Use NOD32 instead of Windows Defender:

Not only NOD32 performs better than Windows Defender, it also is the most successful antivirus in the world when it comes to finding zero day threaths. You can turn Windows Defender off by goining to: Start>Control Panel>Windows Defender>Options, and Turn all Windows defender options off.

7- Disable User Account Control

I know you hate the infamous pop-up window that asks you if you really want to do something... and who doesn't! Not only it is a boring repeated procedure, but it also makes you think your system is very follish in determining who is behind a certain action. To get rid of it, Simply go to: StartUp>Control Panel> User Accounts Control>Turn UAC off /on Remember than you have to reboot your system for this procedure.

These 7 tips are what I perform after each Windows Vista installation, because I know that without them those tweaks my clients will-in less than one day or so-ask me for a clean re-install of Windows XP !

Windows 7 Screenshots leaked

Windows 7 is the new successor for Microsoft Windows Vista and will hit the shelves by the end of 2009. Whether you liked Vista or not, Windows 7 will look and feel much like Vista and will be considered a modified version of it.

I hope this becomes a success story for Microsoft, because I am so tired of assembling a powerful PC for an Operating System that makes the worst usage of my expensive hardware.

Here is how Window 7 Ultimate looks like:

Dec 27, 2008

THE COMMITTEE OF 300 that rule our world!

This post is not about software, it is a shocking fact and it is true!

Can you believe that our world is controlled by a group of 300 people called "THE COMMITTEE OF 300" ? Can you believe that "The Matrix" is true? Call it a lie, fake, or ignore it for your entire life time, but you will one day realize why and how world's biggest evens ( like World War 1 , 2 and the upcoming 3, 9-11 attacks, Iraq War, Credit Crunch and the Big world wide economic rrecession) ever happened and how they were of interest to those 300 Committee members that rule our planet and own almost %95 of the entire world's wealth. 

"...A former intelligence agent of British MI6, rips the lid off the conspiratorial group which knows NO national boundaries, is ABOVE the law of ALL countries and controls every aspect of politics, commerce, religion, industry, banking, insurance, mining, and even the drug trade. Learn how this small elite group who are answerable to NO ONE, except its members, have pulled the strings on ALL major world events and why, until now, few people have even been aware of its existence, let alone power, in manipulating the affairs of the entire WORLD. All of these members are revealed, including all of the corporations, government agencies and various movements which "they" have developed and control to further their own aims for WORLD DOMINATION...'"

Dec 25, 2008

NOD32 4.0 free download

Now the fourth generation of Nod32 has come and ESET has so far proved that they offer the best solution for the war against malicious software. NOD32 is the only anti virus to offer full protection and compactness at the same time.

No need to talk more about it any more, all NOD32 users know how it performs against its rivals.

below you can download the current beta versions of version 4 of NOD32:

Dec 24, 2008

Detect Invisible Yahoo IDs - A Final Solution

It is so bad to get down by trying hundreds of websites that claim to detect invisible Yahoo Ids that do nothing other than showing you fake random results or Ads to earn more and more money.

For those of you interested, I have some address which usually return authentic results. If you try multiple checks for a single ID, you will even get a more accurate result, cause these websites actually do something real there in behind, not just hosting ads for you!


,, ,

Dec 22, 2008

Windows XP survival suite and fixes kit

Like an experienced mechanic that carries his vital tools all around with himself, an IT professional will also take a kit of software and fixes for disastrous moments in his carrier life,for the time viruses destroy critical computer data by denying their access to their systems.

That said, over time, I have collected a series of fixes for common problems caused by malicious software and viruses to Windows Operating system. The kit that I have has fixes to the following errors in Windows XP/2000/2003 server:

1- Folder Options Disabled/Hidden:

This is a very famous bug caused by many Trojans and viruses to restrict user access to them. They do this to hide themselves from their victims.

2- Context menu on start disabled:

This means when you right click on the task bar, nothing happens. You can't launch Task Manager to see the harmful processes and shut them down.

3- Registry editing tools disabled:

They do this to avoid your access to the Windows registry when you typed "regedit" in Run.

4- Undeletable Viruses:

Chances are you have found the malicious file but can't delete, move, ... rename it, because it is locked.

5- Desktop context menu disabled:

This is a very disturbing bug caused by most viruses to avoid your access to advanced options.

6- Log off disabled on Start Menu in Win 98-95

7- You cannot run/execute any .exe file in Windows XP:

By far, this is a horrible case which leads many technicians to format and reinstall their Windows OS and waste hours of their previous time. No need to reinstall you system; the fix to this is very simple, which is also included in the kit.

Now, you can download the Kit from here for free: (Which will be updated over time...)

For IT professional and those in charge of numerous systems:

You should own a suit of powerful utilities provided by SysInternals, that will help you dive into the depths of Windows OS and fight malicious software from there. This suit includes:

- AccessEnum
-PsTools ( a collection of other useful tools)

Download these useful utilities (4 MB):

Screenshot saver and capturer - Free for Gamers

For those of you that play games a lot and like to save your high quality wonderful screenshots all the way throughout your gaming, I have provided a simple lightweight utility that will save your screenshots with the least effort to your selected folder.

I wrote this application when I was playing GTA Vice City and felt disturbed by minimizing my game and pasting the screenshot manually in Paint multiple times ....

Just start this small application, select your destination folder to save your pictures and play your game. Just press "print screen" and there you go!

(Requires .Net framework 2.0)

Sep 4, 2008

Google Chrome Download and Themes

Google Chrome is a brand new web browser, and among other rivals out there it has gathered loads of attention due to Google's popularity. That being said, the rush of users to its download URL made it unavailable for some people.

You can download a copy from here:

Google chrome start up time is much much faster than Firefox, and it has an elegant Google-type user interface (everything is smooth like that of Picasa .) It opens each tab in a separate process (good point - more stability) and has an address bar that mimics the Awesomebar of Firefox 3.0 .

All in all, I guess this is a perfect start for Google in the browsers world (though not knowing how long Chrome had been under coding), and it shows Google's power in mixing ideas with technologies for changing the way people use the web.

You can also download Google Chrome Themes from:


Aug 15, 2008

Update NOD32 Offline

After visiting many torrent websites for finding updates for my NOD32 2.7, I found nothing another than failed tries and malwares/viruses packed as NOD32, and loads of time wasted. Good thing I always test these suspicious downloads on a Virtual Machine, and everything returns to the first clean day by a simple hard disk file replacement.

That said, from July 27, 2008 I noticed my NOD 2.7 does no longer update.

I thought NOD32 servers were unavailable. They always said: "Your antivirus is up-to-date. No update necessary."
I know this message. It is a polite way of saying: "You can no longer update your antivirus.... Go and pay for your new subscription...."

This time I searched Google for all the things I knew.... from NOD321.com to the pirated version of NOD 3.x on torrent websites. None of them worked.

After a while I found this fantastic blog:

It guides you to burn NOD32 update files onto a CD/DVD and then manually update your anti-virus; Just download the latest update files from
http://rapidshare.com/users/12TMR5 , use a program like "ISO Commander"" or "Ultra ISO" to create an image file. Then load that ISO image with Daemon tools. Now you are ready to update your NOD32:
In NOD32, Go to Update &; Setup and set the update location as your loaded drive...

My NOD32 is updated again, and I am happy that my computer is safe. This will also help me in the office to simply use a CD/DVD and update all offline nod32s on all machines without Internet connections.
Many thanks to "
Aalaap Ghag" for his tips...

Aug 12, 2008

Torrent Speed Up Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling with a slow torrent client? Then read this:

I recently decided to install uTorrent on my computer, which is connected to the Internet through a wireless router. The first thing that bothered me about uTorrent and also Bit Torrent was their X-tremly low download speed. With a 512 Kb/s connection, I could only reach 40-80 Kb/s downloads, and it would take me ages to see a torrent starting its download.
I went through many torrent speed up guides on multiple web sites. They were all about turning things off in uTorrent, such as "DHT network" or "local peer discovery". These guides were more baffling than useful. They usually led me into spending hours playing around with uTorrent and not getting any useful results.

And the solution:
That was when I noticed the yeloow warning sign at the bottom of my torrent client, which said I had a problem with my network configuration.
I referred to http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=55550 to test port forwarding on port 55550 of my XP machine . Unfortunately , port forwarding was disabled for me. How could I turn it on?

Then this useful website came into play to help me: http://www.portforward.com/
My wireless router is a D-Link DSL-2540T . I then tried to map my port in the router using the guides provided on portforward.com and I finally passed the port forwarding test.
Tip #1:
What many users don't notice is that, for proper port forwarding, you will need a "Static IP Address". This IP address is the one given to you by your internal network router. So, configuring it is very easy from the inside of your operating system.
I went again to http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=55550 and that port was forwarded properly. Then I set the same port in uTorrent and restarted uTorrent . After some minutes my download speed was going as fast as 340-400 Kb/s !

Remember that "port forwarding" is the single most important step that you should take for speeding up your torrent client's download speed. Don't be fooled by disabling DHT network or Local peer discovery and things like that. Exception is, try to disable UPnP port mapping on both your router and your torrent client.
Tip #2:
Never disable network upload in uTorrent. The rule is that: You have to give in order to get. So, this is an important step.
Below you can see a graph of uTorrent's Download/Upload speed ratio. Notice how download speed increases as upload and the other way round:

Right now it takes seconds for my uTorrent to find other peers and after some minutes it reaches a highly respectable download speed.

I am really really enjoying uTorrent right now, it is almost a new world and how I missed it all these years... hope you enjoy it too! ;)

Apr 3, 2008

What is the fastest web browser ?

So far, browsers war has led giant companies behind web browsers (like Safari) to tell numerous white lies to end users. Is it Safari or Opera as the fastest web browsers on the planet?

You can test those browsers on your own and against your customised test environment. The tests must all run under the same platform. So far, Firefox 3 Beta 5 is the fastest browser available (at the time of writing this article). It is like 2.2 times faster than Opera 9.5 and 3 times faster than Safari
3.0.4. in JavaScript performance. (sorry I don't even count Internet Explorer!)

Below you can see the tests result on my computer: (
Here is my environment:

Windows XP SP2 Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
2GB RAM DDR2 800
320BG HDD Hitachi Sata 2 16MB buffer

Broswer: Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 5:

RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total: 2511.4ms +/- 0.6%

3d: 293.4ms +/- 1.1%
cube: 108.0ms +/- 1.2%
morph: 86.8ms +/- 2.8%
raytrace: 98.6ms +/- 1.4%

access: 402.8ms +/- 3.0%
binary-trees: 35.6ms +/- 5.3%
fannkuch: 198.6ms +/- 5.4%
nbody: 118.8ms +/- 2.6%
nsieve: 49.8ms +/- 2.1%

bitops: 278.2ms +/- 0.4%
3bit-bits-in-byte: 55.4ms +/- 1.2%
bits-in-byte: 74.4ms +/- 0.9%
bitwise-and: 63.8ms +/- 1.6%
nsieve-bits: 84.6ms +/- 0.8%

controlflow: 34.0ms +/- 2.6%
recursive: 34.0ms +/- 2.6%

crypto: 167.4ms +/- 0.4%
aes: 66.8ms +/- 0.8%
md5: 47.6ms +/- 1.4%
sha1: 53.0ms +/- 0.0%

date: 205.6ms +/- 1.2%
format-tofte: 129.6ms +/- 1.6%
format-xparb: 76.0ms +/- 2.3%

math: 306.0ms +/- 2.3%
cordic: 151.0ms +/- 1.0%
partial-sums: 99.4ms +/- 5.1%
spectral-norm: 55.6ms +/- 2.5%

regexp: 203.2ms +/- 5.0%
dna: 203.2ms +/- 5.0%

string: 620.8ms +/- 2.3%
base64: 68.6ms +/- 1.0%
fasta: 138.4ms +/- 1.4%
tagcloud: 110.6ms +/- 1.3%
unpack-code: 225.6ms +/- 5.5%
validate-input: 77.6ms +/- 1.4%


Browser: Opera 9.5
RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total: 5581.4ms +/- 1.8%

3d: 462.8ms +/- 3.7%
cube: 140.4ms +/- 0.5%
morph: 178.4ms +/- 6.1%
raytrace: 144.0ms +/- 5.8%

access: 671.4ms +/- 2.2%
binary-trees: 53.0ms +/- 20.4%
fannkuch: 312.2ms +/- 0.2%
nbody: 168.8ms +/- 5.3%
nsieve: 137.4ms +/- 6.3%

bitops: 702.6ms +/- 1.9%
3bit-bits-in-byte: 59.2ms +/- 14.4%
bits-in-byte: 96.6ms +/- 8.9%
bitwise-and: 375.0ms +/- 5.1%
nsieve-bits: 171.8ms +/- 0.3%

controlflow: 53.0ms +/- 19.3%
recursive: 53.0ms +/- 19.3%

crypto: 193.8ms +/- 5.7%
aes: 128.2ms +/- 6.9%
md5: 0.0ms +/- -NaN%
sha1: 65.6ms +/- 13.2%

date: 647.0ms +/- 1.7%
format-tofte: 234.6ms +/- 0.3%
format-xparb: 412.4ms +/- 2.5%

math: 406.4ms +/- 4.6%
cordic: 178.2ms +/- 5.9%
partial-sums: 150.0ms +/- 6.8%
spectral-norm: 78.2ms +/- 0.7%

regexp: 669.0ms +/- 1.2%
dna: 669.0ms +/- 1.2%

string: 1775.4ms +/- 5.4%
base64: 118.6ms +/- 21.9%
fasta: 350.2ms +/- 6.4%
tagcloud: 312.8ms +/- 0.2%
unpack-code: 859.2ms +/- 7.7%
validate-input: 134.6ms +/- 8.1%

Browser: Safari 3.0.4
RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total: 7099.0ms +/- 0.5%

3d: 965.6ms +/- 2.1%
cube: 306.0ms +/- 3.5%
morph: 378.2ms +/- 4.2%
raytrace: 281.4ms +/- 0.2%

access: 1368.8ms +/- 0.8%
binary-trees: 115.6ms +/- 9.2%
fannkuch: 625.0ms +/- 2.3%
nbody: 281.4ms +/- 0.2%
nsieve: 346.8ms +/- 2.7%

bitops: 1284.4ms +/- 1.3%
3bit-bits-in-byte: 247.0ms +/- 3.4%
bits-in-byte: 340.6ms +/- 2.6%
bitwise-and: 281.4ms +/- 0.2%
nsieve-bits: 415.4ms +/- 2.6%

controlflow: 162.4ms +/- 6.7%
recursive: 162.4ms +/- 6.7%

crypto: 665.6ms +/- 1.5%
aes: 184.2ms +/- 5.0%
md5: 237.6ms +/- 3.6%
sha1: 243.8ms +/- 4.3%

date: 450.4ms +/- 1.8%
format-tofte: 203.4ms +/- 0.3%
format-xparb: 247.0ms +/- 3.4%

math: 903.0ms +/- 1.0%
cordic: 512.4ms +/- 1.7%
partial-sums: 203.2ms +/- 0.3%
spectral-norm: 187.4ms +/- 0.4%

regexp: 290.6ms +/- 3.7%
dna: 290.6ms +/- 3.7%

string: 1008.2ms +/- 1.7%
base64: 227.6ms +/- 4.8%
fasta: 250.0ms +/- 0.0%
tagcloud: 177.8ms +/- 5.9%
unpack-code: 156.0ms +/- 0.0%
validate-input: 196.8ms +/- 5.4%